Tangetoppen's Quite A Princess

Milla SE50647/2017 • fawn m svart mask tik • Född: 2017-06-10

Patella ua • PDE N/S • Meriter: se titlarna, CACIB, BIR

Uppfödare: Elisabeth Juverud, Norge

Ch Tangetoppen's Troublemaker

Los Chatos Del Turia I Spy Tangetop

Ch Los Chatos Del Turia I Hate Mondays

Ch Winsome's Gold Standard

Mu-Ti-La's Poesi To Tangetoppen

Ch Tangetoppen's Obelix

Ch Tangetoppen's Nordic Gift O'Destiny

Kingpoint Dunkin Donuts

Tangetoppen's Multum Inparvo

Ch Los Chatos Del Turia Call Of Glory

Tangetoppen's Hot As Hell

Ch Whoop-De-Do Hold Your Fire

Ch Tangetoppen's Annie Get Your Gun

Tangetoppen's X-Ray Of Love

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