Pei Fang Im The One

Otto SE15481/2015 • fawn m svart mask hane • Född: 2014-11-22

Patella ua • PDE N/N • Meriter: cert, cacib, BIM

Uppfödare: Marianne & Brynjar Holmli, Norge

Ch Analog Ci Nobodys Business

Ch Winsome's Gold Standard

Ch Winsome's Roll N' Box Cars

Ch Tangetoppen's Obelix

Pugbully Hippy Hippy Shake

Ch Tangetoppen's Obelix

Tangetoppen's Xit Only For Champion

Ch Del Sur Andalusi Frontpage News

Ch Keiko Lionheart

Ch Rocking Rc Nugget

Pugbully A-Ha

Ch Mu-Ti-La's Private Practice

Ch Kingpoint Causin A Commotion

Pei Fang Miss Isobel

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